Irma Pane was under contract with Purname Studio's from 1977 - untill 1980, releasing 4 albums with Barce van Houten.

Irma Pane volume 1 Irma Pane Volume I was recorded in 1977 with Purnama Records in Jakarta and was very successful, reaching the Top 10 chart of Indonesia; one number from the album reached the second spot and another the fifth. Irma Pane Volume II was recorded in 1980 with Purnama Records and also did well. 

Irma Pane Haruskah Haruskah was recorded in 1996/97 with IPB Disc Recordings, Irma's own independent Indonesian music label in the USA), and has now been released in the Netherlands and in the USA, and released in Jakarta, February 1997. Haruskah has been released at the U.S. East Coast, distributed by IPB Disc, and even made the chain stores of "Tower Records" early 1998.

Worldwide Recordings LTD VANCOUVER, CANADA has chosen the cover song " Haruskah" on their Compilation CD!
To purchase the new World Records Ltd. Compilation CDs, Volume I and II, please send your request, along with a cheque for $14.99 U.S. (for one) or $24.99 U.S. (for both) to Worldwide Recordings Limited at:
Worldwide Recordings Limited Irma Pane - Wordwide Recording Canada release !

PO Box 38722
North Vancouver
British Columbia
WorldWide Recordings Limited Vancouver Canada

  • Abhorrent ( Brazilian Heavy Metal)- Intro
  • Tax Free ( french Hard Rock)- Alone on a Bridge
  • CeLange ( Rocking' Blues)- A New Day Comin
  • The Heritage ( Hard Rock)- Rocking Seattle
  • New Jerusalem ( Heavy Metal)- Judgement Day
  • Seasons of the Wolf (Gothic Metal)- Victim of Darkness
  • Koark ( Grunge Metal)- Mr. Happy
  • Mr. Shysty (rap)- Reincarnation
  • C.J.Schuler ( English Lyrical Jazz)- Nice Guys
  • Rare Blend ( Guitar Fusion)- Breaking the Sound Barrier
  • Barry Brooksby (Guitar Fusion)- mneumonic Plague
  • PTAH ( Guitar Fusion)- Come inout of the Rain
  • John Allen ( Jazz)- Disko Kalypso
  • Cuskapuni ( Peruvian)- Rio de Oropeza
  • Irma Pane (Indonesian)- Haruskah
  • Patrick Rose (Portugese /American)- All I Want Tonight is You
  • Guerman Kornilov (Rusian )- Oh, Melancholy
Irma Pane
Irma Pane
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